Art Restoration

MAG will take orders for Restoration charge a fee the restoration work will be done by professionals.

The Art Life Restoration

When you need valuable Art Restored, you need three things:

+ The Techniques of a craftsman with knowledge and access to the latest and most effective treatments.

+ The training to use those techniques and execute a flawless restoration.

+ Trust of knowing that your Art is in the hands of respected and experienced conservator.


The Restoration Services provided by MAG includes:

+ Surface dirt, dust grease and soot removal.

+ Discolored varnish removal.

+Removal/Reversal of any previous restoration.

+ Fumigation for fungus and termite if required.

+De acidification of paper works if required.

+ Reversal of chemical oxidation of pigments.

+ Paint Film consolidation.

+Mending and repair of tears, holes and losses.

+ Complete lining of the canvas/ strip lining for the edges.

+Filling of the lost area with putty and texturing it.

+Re varnishing.

+Re stretching on correctly made stretchers.

+Color matching, in painting where required.

+ Removal of encrustations on metal objects.

+Rejoining of broken art objects made from glass, terracotta and pottery.

+ Minor Frame repair.

+ Preparation of Condition reports for Insurance and other purposes.

+Advice on best care and maintenance of art works.

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